New Year, New You!

Welcome back to GW! We hope you’re refreshed and ready to take on the Spring semester. Apart from preparing yourself to get back to hitting the books this term, have you been thinking about securing a job after graduation, or an internship? Then the GW Career Center can help you!

This month, we will be running our core workshops on resume writing, cover letters, job and internship search strategies as well as interview preparation. If one of these isn’t up to scratch, then the whole job (or internship) search process could suffer.

Here’s a quick run-down of what we’ve got to offer. Please RSVP through GWork for our events:
• Resume Basics: (1/22, 4pm, Marvin Center 308) Learn how to create an effective, professional resume that communicates your transferable skills to employers.
• Creating Cover Letters: (1/22, 5pm, Marvin Center 308) A cover letter is a necessary complement to your resume. Attend this workshop to learn what a cover letter should include and how to customize it to a specific job.
• Job Search Strategies: (1/23, 4pm, Marvin Center 310) This workshop will address the importance of assessing interests, skills and values in a successful job search. Learn the steps you’ll need to take, and identify the best sources for job information.
• Internship Search Strategies: (1/23, 5pm, Marvin Center 310) Learn tips for finding the internship you want such as when to start your search, where to look for the internship you want and how to make the most of an internship.
• Ace Your Interview: (1/24, 4pm, Marvin Center 402-404) Preparing for an upcoming interview? Come to this workshop to familiarize yourself with the type of initial interviews you might face and possible follow-up interview scenarios.

There’s much more for you besides these core workshops at the GW Career Center, so check out and see what we’ve got to offer. For more information, please contact us at 202.994.6495 or email us at

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