The Perfect Cover Letter

Here is an example of what some Wall Street bosses have been calling the best cover letter ever. This letter has gone viral after it was sent out to an employer on January 14 this year. What’s so good about it? Despite the occasional spelling mistake, the letter contains humility, honesty and sincerity – unlike some of these cover letter disasters.


But that’s not all. What the writer also does is stick to a few of the top cover letter writing tips, which are:

  1. Customize it. Tailor your cover letter to your employer.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Avoid repetition. Keep changing your sentence structures and make sure there is some new information in every sentence.


Why is a cover letter so important? Even if your resume is as smooth and professional as it can possibly be, a cover letter is a necessary complement to every resume you send out. A good cover letter highlights the necessary skills you possess for the position you are applying for – making you stand out from other applicants in the process.


So, are you about to start writing cover letters for your job or internship search process? If so, we can help you! Come to our Creating Cover Letters workshop on January 23, 5pm, in Marvin Center 308. Can’t make this session? We’re holding it again on March 18, 6.30pm, in Marvin Center 413-414. Please RSVP for any of our events through GWork.


For more information, call the Career Center on 202.994.6495 or email us at

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