The Skype interview – do’s and dont’s

Cheaper, more convenient and quicker than traditional face-to-face interviews, more and more employers are turning to Skype as a way of interviewing potential candidates, according to Time magazine. Forbes adds that more than 60% of companies conducted interviews over video and Skype in 2012 – a 50% jump on 2011.


But is the Skype interview any different to a normal interview? Well, yes and no. You must still prepare in the same way and make sure you’re dressed correctly for the interview, but there are a few extra things that you must add to your checklist as seen here at brazencareerist:

  • Have a clear, plain background behind you – no posters or roommates watching TV.
  • Show enthusiasm in your voice and mannerisms.
  • Make sure your WiFi signal is as strong as it can be. Technology also has a habit of failing when you need it most, so set yourself up well in advance.
  • Dress appropriately – no pyjamas! Avoid orange too, unless you want to look like a convict. Also, please wear pants.
  • Be alone during the interview. Avoid accidental cameos from pets and people.
  • Does your Skype username contain words like “baby”, “cute” or “hot”? Change it.

If these Skype interview etiquette rules are followed, then you are free to concentrate on the interview itself.

Need tips to help you prepare for an upcoming interview? We can help you! We are running our Ace Your Interview workshop on January 24, at 4pm, in Marvin Center room 402-404. This workshop will help you to familiarize yourself with the type of initial interviews you might face and possible follow-up interview scenarios. Can’t make it then? We’re running it again on March 20, at 6.30pm, in Marvin Center room 310.

Please RSVP for GW Career Center events through GWork. For more information, email us at or call us at 202.994.6495.

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