Don’t think that event is for you? Go anyway!

We’re quite lucky here at GW. Because of where we are, we host a large number of presenters and programs here on campus – providing you guys with wonderful opportunities to make contact with potential mentors or employers.

However, we always have to call these events something, and this can mean that some students might miss out on some great events (and meeting some great people) because they don’t think a particular event is for them.

The upcoming Women’s Foreign Policy Group Mentoring Fair on February 6 from 6-9pm in the Marvin Center Continental Ballroom is a great example of this. Despite its name, it isn’t just for women – both men and women are welcome, and it is a great way to meet international affairs professionals.


But does international affairs simply refer to foreign policy? Not at all: it’s more of a catch-all name which encompasses a wide range of professions – including business, journalism, human rights, healthcare and a myriad of other fields not typically associated with international relations.

See something that you don’t think is for you? Go anyway – what do you have to lose! Remember to RSVP through GWork for all our events.

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