The Branding of You!

Who are you?  How do you want employers and others to see you professionally, and differently than other candidates for jobs and internships?  If you’ve yet to consider these essential questions, there’s no time like the present!  It’s an important process, and one that will enable you to develop, implement, and refine your personal brand.

A brand for me?  YES.  Much like companies and other organizations brand their products and services (think about Apple computer, Tide laundry detergent, or even George Washington University) you can develop a brand for yourself.  It’s what distinguishes you from others, provides the key points you can promote about yourself, and causes others to take notice.

So, where to start?  Consider this four-step personal branding process: Capture, Validate, Develop and Deliver, Evaluate:

  •  CAPTURE who you are and what you want people to believe about you
  •  VALIDATE how you know those beliefs are true
  •  DEVELOP AND DELIVER your brand and spread it widely
  •  EVALUATE your brand (constantly) so it adapts and evolves as you do

Is it that simple?  Yes and no.  Developing an authentic brand takes time and must be done carefully.  But, fear not, the GW Career Center is ready to help you with its services and programs, such as:

  •  Assessment tools like StrengthsQuest and Focus 2 to capture your skills, interests, and values
  • Consulting appointments and experiential education opportunities like internships to explore, validate, and evaluate who you are
  • Workshops and online resources like Interview Stream, 30 Second Pitch, and the Career Advisor Network to practice and deliver your brand

Ready to go?  We hope so!  Learn more during the Branding 1.0 workshop on Wednesday, February 13, from 6-9pm in Marvin Center, Room 310.  Remember to RSVP through GWork for all our events.

-Posted by Robert Snyder, Executive Director, University Initiatives-
Robert will once again be presenting the Branding 1.0 program on February 13.

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