The importance of LinkedIn and looking good online


By now, we’re sure you will have heard all the stories about employers checking you out first on social media sites before making a decision to interview or employ you. This Mashable post states that 91% of employers will screen you through Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site as part of their hiring process.

The post adds that 76% of employers will screen potential employees through Facebook, 53% will do so through Twitter and 48% will use LinkedIn. And it’s LinkedIn that we are most interested in today.

With more than 200,000 users, more and more employers are using LinkedIn to recruit potential employees. Allowing you to fill in employment and education history that basically serves as an online resume, not to mention allowing you to network online with professionals in your desired industry, the benefits of setting up and maintaining a great-looking LinkedIn account are obvious.

These days, it is almost certain that potential employers will turn to LinkedIn first when making their minds up on whether to employ you. Luckily, this is where the GW Career Center can help. We are holding our Managing Your Social Media and Online Presence/Featuring LinkedIn workshop on Wednesday, February 20! Taking place in Marvin Center room 310 from 5.30-6.30pm, the workshop will discuss recommendations and tips to manage your social media presence in general, as well as LinkedIn.

You will be needing a nice, professional-looking shot of you for your LinkedIn profile picture too, so come along to the 2013 Spring Career and Internship Fair on February 27th from 1-5pm in the Smith Center and take advantage of our free LinkedIn photo booth!

If you plan to come to either the Career Fair or the workshop, please RSVP through GWork.

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