Prepare a prefect resume

How was Spring Break? We hope it was relaxing, fun and a useful time to get things done. But now it’s time to get back to work, and for some of us that means finding a job at the end of this semester. This means that you will be dusting off that resume of yours and making it look attractive for all those eager employers.


But how to make it stand out? Hiring managers will be bombarded with resumes over the coming months – some excellent, some terrible – and the majority will be average, so it’s up to you to make sure yours is one of the best.

Although in some circumstances a little bit of creativity can be a good idea, a good starting point for a great resume is ensuring it clearly presents your relevant skills to an employer. Following the tips in this blog post is a good starting point too, but the key points to remember are:

  • Keep it short. Resumes should be one page long, and bullet points should be short and to the point as well. Unlike this one.
  • Keep it accomplishment-orientated. Describe what you achieved in your previous job/internship/volunteer position, etc.
  • Keep it clear and concise. An uncluttered, elegant design will make it much easier for HR managers to read.

Want to know more? We can help you! Come to our Resume Basics workshop on March 18th, at 5.30pm in Marvin Center 413-414. You will learn how to create an effective, professional resume that communicates your transferable skills to employers. FREE PIZZA too! Please remember to RSVP through GWork before the event.

On March 19, we are holding our Job Search Strategies and Internship Search Strategies workshops at 5.30pm and 6.30pm respectively in Marvin Center 310. We are also holding our Ace Your Interview workshop the following day on March 20 at 6.30pm in Marvin Center 310.

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