The non-profit sector: what’s in it for you?

When the subject of working for a non-profit comes up in conversation (believe me, it does), the discussion usually centers on a trade-off between lower pay and better benefits. And although there can the promise of longer vacation time and flexible working hours, there is a lot more to working for a non-profit than time off – there are a number of benefits that will look great on your resume.


As this blog post shows, the non-profit sector has a number of things going for it, which include:

  • Great environment in which to learn and develop skills.
  • Informal and extensive networking opportunities.
  • Opportunity to make a difference and work for causes you care about.

The sector also helps workers develop their transferable skills, as seen in this post which include being resourceful despite constraints, positivity in the workplace and the ability to work as part of a team.

It is, however, not all rosy working for a non-profit – fundraising is a major focus and the work can be frustrating at times – but the sector can be a vibrant and interesting environment to throw yourself into.

Interested in working in the non-profit sector? Then come to our Non-Profit and Public Service Career Expo! Taking place 4/3 in the Elliott School’s City View Room, there will be a panel Q&A session, round-table discussions covering a range of non-profit sectors and extensive networking opportunities. Please RSVP for the expo in the GWork workshop calendar (or your school-based GWork portal).

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