The benefits of public service

Public service can take many forms, from domestic and international volunteer corps to disaster relief and working in the government, but they all have a common thread running through them – the satisfaction of helping others and improving the world in which we live.


But why look for a career or internship in public service? This blog post as well as this post lay out a long and compelling list of reasons:

  • Generous benefits (some even repay loans)
  • Boosts your resume
  • Great for networking
  • Personal fulfillment


To learn more about working in public service or at a non-profit, come to our Non-profit & Public Service Career Expo on Wednesday, April 3, from 3pm-6pm.  The event will feature a panel Q&A session, a round-table discussion with various experts in the field, and extensive networking opportunities. Please RSVP through the GWork workshop calendar if you wish to attend.

Be sure to also check out GW’s own Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service, which aims to integrate engagement into GW’s education work. Visit their site to see the great work they do of which you can also be a part. The center also has a lot of great online resources to help you in your public service work.

PS If you have a public service or non-profit internship – and if it is unpaid, at a non-profit or government organization and benefits the community – it may qualify for community service hours. Visit to log your community service hours.

(Please note, however, that experience in for-profit organizations or organizations that advocate on behalf of a political party, action committee, candidate, labor union or religion would not qualify).

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