The Class of 2013 Senior Resume Book

You’re graduating! This is very good news: you’re now ready to move on and you can start paying back some of those pesky loans. If you have a job lined up, then this is even better.


But if you don’t have a job lined up after you graduate, then, there are a few things you can do to make your job search easier, such as those on this Forbes blog post and this post from Wells Fargo which tell you to use social media to your advantage, join LinkedIn, build a network and take advantage of your school’s alumni network.

There is another point these blog posts like to make, which is one we’re obviously interested in the most: Make the most of your career center.

To augment the services we provide to seniors who are graduating and looking for a job, we are offering the Class of 2013 Senior Resume Book, in which resumes will be placed in an electronic collection within GWork to be easily accessed by our Employer Development Consultants and disseminated to targeted employers.

If you are an undergraduate student in CCAS, ESIA, or SEAS, who is graduating this Spring or Summer, then you are eligible to take part. All you have to do, between April 19 and April 26 (by 5pm EDT), is submit your resume to our online 48-Hour Resume Critique Service, and then once the reviewed version is returned, make the edits, and then login to GWork and upload your updated resume to the Class of 2013 Senior Resume Book.

If you’re looking for a way to get your resume in front of recruiters, then this is one simple way of doing it! Contact if you have any questions.

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