Starting college this Fall? You should visit the Center for Career Services.

So you’re starting at GW this Fall? Congratulations! It’s pretty great here, you’ll love it. But even though you’re just arriving, we strongly recommend you come into the GW Center for Career Services as soon as you can.

Why should you do that? Graduation is four years away, after all: you have plenty of time to find a job, and there’s lots of other distractions as you begin life at GW. It’s a good point, but as this blog post and this post show, here’s why you should visit the Center for Career Services as a freshman:

  • It never hurts to be prepared: as this Lifehacker blog post outlines, you cannot plan your career step-by-step as there are too many variables. You can, however, maximize the opportunities you have. This is where the Career Center can help.
  • You need a return on your investment: college is expensive and the job market is very competitive right now, so you need to make sure you stand out in the job-searching crowd.
  • Find better summer jobs/internships: our career coaches can help you identify your strengths and passions and look for jobs in your areas of interest, and help you to prepare applications and practice interview techniques.


So there you have it, freshmen. If you can find time between hitting the books, doing schoolwork and having fun, starting early at the Center for Career Services could be the best decision you make all semester.

You can find us and our useful resource room in Suite 505 of the Marvin Center, on 800 21st St NW (it’s the building in the picture above). You can also call us on 202.994.6495 or email us at

See you in the Fall!

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