GW Freshmen: Making the Jump from High School to College

Dear freshmen: Welcome to GW and a new chapter in your life! We’re very happy to have you here and we’re hopeful that you’ll make the most of all the opportunities on offer here.


Yet it is worth remembering that although you are joining a university where the options and opportunities are endless, you are leaving a lot behind: you are essentially alone – you’re responsible for how much you get out of your college experience.

With this in mind, it is worth picking up a few tips from people who have gone down this route before: this Yahoo blog post has some useful tips from a professor, and this New York Times article is good too, as is this blog post on making the mental transition between high school and college.

To sum up, the main points are:

  • Pace yourself. You’ll have lots of reading lists and papers to write, so learn to space it all out & manage your time.
  • Get to know your professors. They can be useful for references and jobs later in your college career.
  • Cut the virtual cord. Time spent updating friends back home is time that could be spent developing relationships with students/roommates/faculty in college.

Also, it goes without saying that if you ever find yourself wondering what to do with your life after you graduate, then come and visit us at the Center for Career Services! We’re on the 5th floor of the Marvin Center, and we’re open from 9am-5.30pm during the academic year, as well as 9am-5pm over the summer.

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