Is reading magazines the way to finding a job?

Sadly, I don’t mean US Weekly, Star or People (unless your ambition is to become a C-list celebrity, in which case go right ahead). We’re talking about swapping magazines like those for a copy of The Economist, Foreign Policy or Bloomberg Businessweek.


A great way to get ahead in a particular industry is to start reading that industry’s journals and periodicals. Reading up on a particular area will not only give you greater knowledge of that particular sector but will also help acquaint you with:

  • Industry trends and developments
  • Key players and organizations
  • Current hiring environment
  • Salary trends and information

Reading industry magazines, periodicals and journals could also uncover previously unknown job or internship opportunities, or possibly even grants and fellowships. Employers will also be greatly impressed by your industry knowledge as you interview for a job and dazzle them with your knowhow.

This all sounds great, but where can you find these journals? Luckily, the Gelman Library has a vast selection of periodicals, journals and magazines available online. Hard copies of some of the magazines (it’s highly unlikely the Gelman will have every copy of the British Journal of Dermatology, for example) are also available.

So go on, get stuck into that industry magazine. Potential employers will be far more impressed by your knowledge of that sector’s recent innovations or case studies than they would be by your knowledge of People magazine’s story on Olivia Wilde’s wedding dress. Unless you’re interviewing at People magazine, obviously.

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