Undecided? Having Self-Knowledge Will Help You!


By Guest Blogger: Sivan Sherriffe, Class of 2015

Coming into GW undecided about your major? That should not inhibit you from having a great work experience. Although you may be undecided, you can still explore your options in the work field. As an incoming student, it is not guaranteed that your choice of work will dictate what you will do for the rest of your life. Actually, the culmination of the various experiences that you have throughout your college life is important. These experiences will allow you to build on and develop strengths and skills that will help you in future work experiences. To do so, it is most important to acquire self-knowledge.

Explore your personality, interests, and values

Even though I was undecided when I came to GW, I knew that examining my personality type, interests, and values would help me in choosing a job and even a possible major. My passion for working with children allowed me to tutor young students in reading, spelling and phonics at For Love of Children, a DC Reads site. Working with D.C. Reads allowed me to immerse myself in a community that was different from my own and helped lead me to my interest in minoring in sociology.

Here’s a recap/more tips:

  • Explore your personality type, interests, and values
  • Find out what your strengths and skills are and establish how you can utilize them in certain jobs
  • Attend info sessions, workshops, the Fall Career & Internship Fair, etc. (You can find these on the GWork calendar)
  • Explore what you enjoy doing – writing, reading, working with children? Politics, debating? Solving equations? Working for non-profits?
  • Look into doing what you’re scared of – Public speaking? Take a communication class! Science? Take a science course for non-majors!

Being undecided in college is more common than you think. Taking some time to explore and your self-knowledge will be nothing but beneficial. Having great work experiences while being undecided in college is helpful in determining your major. There are many work experiences that are available for any type of student. It is up to you to explore the opportunities and make your transition to college as best as possible.


Sivan, a regular contributor to the GW Center for Career Services Blog, is a rising junior from Colts Neck, New Jersey, and is majoring in journalism and mass communication.

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