How to prepare for the Fall 2013 Career and Internship Fair

The semester has only just started and the days are still hot and humid, but the 2013 Fall Fair is already upon us. For newcomers to GW, the Fair will introduce students to a wide range of employers from a variety of industries – who are looking to fill up internship placements and provide information about future job opportunities.


This sounds all well and good, but how should you approach the fair? It’s slightly more complex than you may think – you cannot just turn up in shorts and a t-shirt, for instance. There are a few things to consider, all of which are addressed on our Fall 2013 Career Fair Pinterest board, but a few golden rules to follow are:

  • Dress smartly – business attire is expected.
  • Bring resumes.
  • Research the organizations you want to speak to at the Fair.

A lot of this is also also covered in this blog post, and this short video also sets out the expectations employers have from students at career fairs. Also, a list of this year’s organizations is available on GWork – where you can start researching and also RSVP for the Fair!

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