Lessons learned while job hunting

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to your career – ask any professional if they have any career regrets or wish they had done things differently, they will almost certainly say yes. If they don’t, then they’re very lucky people.


Luckily for us, though, we can use their regrets to our advantage, by turning their hindsight into our advice. A few blogs have some great examples of this, such as this one which recommends “choosing an optimization” (I’ll explain in a minute). This blog also explains why it is just as important for the job seeker to see if they are the right fit for a company as it is for an interviewer to see if you are the right fit for them. This blog post emphasizes the importance of networking during your search.

There are many blogs on the subject, but we can whittle the points down to the following:

  • Choose an optimization – is your focus making money, making an impact, making connections, learning the ins and outs of an industry or having fun?
  • Would you actually like to work for this or that company? If you arrive at a new job and suddenly realize you don’t like it, chances are you’ll be starting another job search again soon.
  • Look beyond the internet – your new job could come through a friend you play softball with on Saturdays, or that new guy on your trivia team.
  • Set goals, whether that means meeting a certain number of people per week, applying to a specific number of jobs per week or making new connections on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

By the way, the GW Center for Career Services can help with your job search! We have a job search strategy workshop called How to Find Your Dream Job, which is taking place on 10/09.

You can also stop by our offices on the fifth floor of the Marvin Center during walk-in hours (Monday-Friday, 11am-2pm) – or make an appointment in GWork to see a career consultant. More information is available on our website.

One Reply to “Lessons learned while job hunting”

  1. Great post! Students should find out if they want to work for this company by attending an informational interview, doing their research, and asking around (LinkedIn).

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