For those of you in STEM, green jobs are growing

Are you a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) major? Then keep reading, because this will definitely interest you – your industries are growing.

Green building

According to this blog post from CNN Money, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting a 22% growth in environmental engineering as employers struggle to fill their vacancies. Put simply, there aren’t enough STEM graduates to go around – and that’s good news for you.

But if you’re a STEM major who’s interested in robotics or cyber security, there’s no need to feel left out: this USA News article shows that both are among the top 10 college majors that lead to jobs.

Keen to know more? The Center for Career Services can help you! Come to Trendy Career for Engineers and STEM Majors on November 12 at 12.30 in Marvin Center room 405 and meet with professionals in these fields – from NASA and defense intelligence to solar power and ocean sustainability – many of which are GW alumni.

If you are interested in coming, please RSVP via GWork and make some great connections in some of the hottest STEM industries right now!

The panel members are Elizabeth Hill, the CSR director for Rubicon Global; Amit Ronen, the director of the GW Solar Institute; Michael McLay, the founder of MJM Ocean Industries; Jamila Gittens-Basden, a research engineer at the Hospital for Special Surgery (and GW alumna); Julie Ryan, associate professor of engineering management and systems engineering at GW and Fatima Senghore, the data manager at the NASA HQ Office of Education Infrastructure Division (and GW PhD student).

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