GW student veterans and the career search

Away from active duty, transitioning back to civilian life can be a tough task for many veterans – and GW vets are no different. For instance, how do you take the skills you learned on the battlefield and transfer them to a desk job?


Actually, you’d be surprised with how much you can take from your service and how many transferable skills you actually have. As this blog post shows, what you learnt in the military can easily be applied to a corporate setting. Also, play up the fact that you are punctual, disciplined and have natural leadership qualities. Employers like that.

GW can help you as well – Military and Veteran Career Services is holding career consulting sessions every Tuesday from 11am-1pm (sign up here) and the Office of Military and Veteran Student Services has a wealth of resources, initiatives and benefits available to help you with your studies. You can get in touch with them at, by phone at 202.994.9570, or in person on the ground floor of the Marvin Center.

The Center for Career Services also has a wide range of career resources for GW veterans – find out more at our table in the Marvin Center lobby this Veterans Day (November 11th) from 12noon to 2pm.

On top of this, here is an guide to career resources for veterans – not only does it have general career resources for ex-military jobseekers, but it also has a list of veteran-friendly companies.

With these resources in place, GW can help you make a smooth transition from the corps to the corporate world.

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