A career in the arts: how and where to get your foot in the door.

For those of you who want to pursue a career in the arts: you lucky, lucky people. While the rest of us sit in cubes staring at spreadsheets and memos from 9-5, you’re going to be involved in beautiful, challenging and creative projects – day in, day out.


Two problems stand out, though. Problem #1 is that there are many more people like you who want to be involved in those projects. Problem #2 is that the arts scene tends not to be for those who value wealth – we can’t all be the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (2010 salary: $1.04 million).

So, how do you get a head start in your artistic career? And how do you maintain it? One great option is to come to our How Do I Get a Job in the Arts? workshop on Monday, November 18. A panel of five GW alumni who have gone on to make waves in the arts world will be on hand to give tips and advice on how to kick-start your career – from grant opportunities to networking.

Other resources available include this great Forbes blog post and its accompanying slideshow which have great tips on your arts job search – including trying unconventional avenues, such as the federal government.

There’s a lot going for arts majors – aside from the resources above, take note of your skills if you move away from a career in the arts: working to tight budgets, strong presentation skills and the ability to understand and work with a diverse group of people.


Non-arts majors may become very jealous of your day-to-day work with talented, creative people – congratulations to you for trying to turn your passion into your profession.

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