February: the Spring Career & Internship Fair, a new wave of hiring, and National Grapefruit Month

February is a very important month across the US – and for GW in particular. Not only is it Black History Month and National Grapefruit Month, but we also have the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day and George Washington’s Birthday too. Oh, and Groundhog Day.


There’s also the small matter of the Spring Career and Internship Fair taking place on February 27. We know it clashes with Polar Bear Day, but seeing as there aren’t any polar bears at the National Zoo we think it’s best if you come to the 3rd floor of the Marvin Center from 1.00pm-5.00pm and check out what jobs and internships the wide range of employers have in store for you. After that, you can then check out Polar Bears on this webcam.

The career fair this year is at the end of February, which is an ideal time as it is, according to this Monster blog post, one of the busiest recruitment times of the year. As organizations start to wake up after sleeping through January, February and March often represent the peak of the seasonal hiring cycle.

This is why Groundhog Day (Feb 2), is so important. Not only does it give you an excuse to watch Bill Murray in the best movie ever, but it also marks the beginning of the Spring hiring season, according to this blog.

So, even if Punxsutawney Phil (or DC’s own Potomac Phil – featuring CCS’s own Aaron DeNu) does crawl back into his burrow at the first sign of bad weather, you must still get out there and take advantage of this month to dive into the job market.

Best of all, the GW Center for Career Services can help! February is full of great workshops and events, from Resume Madness to the Engineering Career Fair and Panel and a host of other great workshops and events – just check out our website for more details.

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