Happy St. Patrick’s Day – work like the Irish!

Yes, the worst best day of the year is upon us: St Paddy’s Day, when it turns out everyone you know somehow magically has Irish heritage and everybody thinks it’s OK to eat and drink green things. Things which look truly awful any other day of the year.


But what has this got to do with your job search? Glad you asked. For a variety of reasons, millions of Irish have moved abroad for work since the 1700s. The trend has recently picked up pace since 2008, and in 2012 70,000 Irish left their homeland for jobs overseas as the Irish recession continues.

What has this got to do with you? Well, this Time article shows that Millennials in the US are rating international opportunities dead last when it comes to making a job attractive, preferring to stay at home and believing Skype calls are an adequate replacement for international experience.

So, why bother working abroad? Why not just use email and Skype? Well, working abroad can:

  • Help you become a more creative problem solver
  • Get you promoted quicker
  • Make you stand out from other job applicants
  • Get you used to working outside your comfort zone
  • Give you greater responsibilities and exposure earlier in your career

That’s not to say there aren’t downsides, however: leaving your country for too long can make you lose track of what’s going on at home and make you miss out on cultural trends – particularly important in marketing careers.

But if you are presented with an opportunity to work abroad, don’t dismiss it out of hand. Work like the Irish!

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