In the Land of Red Bottomed Shoes

BP Nov 12 2015 MGranat

By Melyssa Granat, Dual BA in Dance & Journalism and Mass Communication, GWU May 2016

This summer I lived the dream of college fashionistas all around the world. Surrounded by fabulous shoes, bags and people, it’s safe to say I loved my time as a Global Communications and Press Intern for the ever-sexy, always timeless, Christian Louboutin. Everyday I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe I was working for the most well-known luxury shoe brand. I mean, lets be honest, even my dad knows who Christian Louboutin is. I felt honored to be working with a product that I’ve always revered and admired. It’s one thing to work for a brand name, it’s another to work for a brand that you’ve been obsessed with since you were old enough to notice the red bottoms on a certain pairs of stunning shoes!

The internship program is relatively new at Louboutin. In fact, this summer was the first where an actual layout was in place. Interns from each department had separate schedules and advisers, as well as a responsibilities and goals.  These were established within the first week of work with your specific supervisor and it laid the groundwork for what was expected and what was to be accomplished in the next thirteen weeks. I thought this was extremely helpful because it was always pushing me to work harder and get to the next level of my internship. These goals and responsibilities were signed off by myself and my supervisor. We reevaluated my progress after 30 days of work as well as on the last day of my internship. This was an incredible opportunity to talk through my current projects and receive advice and feedback from my superiors on the Press floor.

When I first found out that I would be carrying two titles as an intern, I was nervous. It seemed like a lot of work and as the only intern to have two titles at the company, I didn’t know how I was going to get it all done. The first few days I was overwhelmed with information. There was so much going on; turns out my first week was the start of their busiest period of the year. Within a week, I was clearly able to define my roles and differentiate my job descriptions. Once I was able to do that, it was easy to set up a schedule and note deadlines for that week based on what was needed from both the Global Communications team and the Press team. If I had to pick which one I preferred, I couldn’t. However, I would say the press responsibilities were comfortable, while the global communications tasks were new to me and required learning from my mistakes. I learned an incomprehensible amount about the fashion, public relations, and communications world this summer, but I was most pleased with my induction into the global fashion world. I felt that was a job not many interns have experience in, but with Louboutin being based in Paris and having eight markets to manage, it is most certainly important to have a vast knowledge of that field to be an employee here.

One of my most fond memories of the summer was the day Christian came into the office. It was the middle of market and all of the PR teams from Paris, Japan, China, Australia, Thailand and Vietnam were in the NYC office. It was the middle of the day and everyone was busy doing a million things to prepare for a showing that afternoon and out of no where, a European man with a killer outfit and fabulous Louboutin loafers waltzes into the office. Unannounced and totally casually. Fortunate for me, my desk was the front and he greeted me right away. I knew it was him, but played it cool and asked if there was anything I could help him with. He said he was here to say hi to the girls and check out the product placement. I smiled and kept an eye on him the whole time he was on the press floor. Everyone loves him and for someone so famous, he acted super nonchalant.

After 13 weeks of getting to know all the employees, meeting some fabulous editors and models, working on interesting projects and immersing myself in a world that I hope to make a career out of, I was the happiest intern you’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t have traded my experiences this summer for any other job because I know that the things I learned and accomplished will stay with me forever…and hopefully help me get a job that requires red bottomed shoes in the office!

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