My Career Success: Working and Learning at GW

LKing Headshot (2)

By Lauryn King, International Affairs and Sociology, GWU 2015

As senior year progresses, students are constantly asked one difficult and pressing question: What are your plans after graduation? For some, these plans are clear. For others, they’re a little more cloudy. As GW students, we are afforded incredible opportunities for scholarly and professional development. That doesn’t end when you graduate.

As a recent graduate, I encourage you to continue to seek these opportunities out after graduation. Believe it or not, GW still has more to offer. After graduation, I began working as a full-time staff member at the University. Though I’ve only been a staff member for about six months, I have grown immensely both personally and professionally through my work and the development opportunities afforded me. Working at GW after graduation is not only a viable option, but also a great first step in your career. In my position, I am gaining professional experience while helping to advance the very school I graduated from- giving back to those who have helped me succeed in a valuable and tangible way.

Sticking around your alma mater presents academic opportunities as well: completing graduate coursework, a certificate program, or even a graduate degree. With hundreds of graduate courses available (some even open to undergraduates), there are plenty of options to pursue. This coursework can be listed on your resume and LinkedIn, giving you a great advantage in your job search.

GW also has incredible resources to offer its students through the Center for Career Services. From resume and cover letter help to LinkedIn workshops and Senior Job Search programming, the Center for Career Services was indispensable my senior year. Your Career Coach can help you explore career options or develop an application strategy that’s sure to get you an offer.

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