Dream Job Interview? How to Make Sure You’re Prepared


By Tamara Mizrachi
Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs, Concentration in Global Public Health
Minors in Sustainability, Sociocultural Anthropology
May 2016

As a senior at George Washington University, quickly approaching graduation, I had put as much time and attention into job hunting as if it was another one of my classes. But often, between the targeted resumes, specific cover letters, LinkedIn investigations, and career fairs, the last thing I had prepared for were interview questions. So a few days before an interview, I found myself stressed wondering what type of interview questions would be asked. I tried to schedule a last-minute mock interview session at the Center for Career Services, but there were none available at that time. However, I discovered something on GWork, the Center’s online career management platform, that changed that process for me – an amazing tool that eased a lot of my nerves— Interview Stream!

Interview Stream either has a premade interview for you, based on your interests in business, for example, or you can create your own interview with thousands of questions from which to choose. The questions that you can program are very realistic, and are separated by different industry fields—such as public health or marketing—or by level—such as post-graduate or administrative assistant—or they are more general behavioral or experiential questions. When you choose an interview, a person will ask you the questions and then record you for two minutes. After that question, you can review it and see how you formulated your answer, and then can choose to redo it if you are not happy with your initial answer or if you’d like to have more practice, as I often do. Later on, you can watch the interview to remind yourself of how you would answer questions or to prepare the day of your interview.

The night before my interview, my outfit already picked out and my plan for arriving at the interview timed, I surfed Interview Stream to predict what the company might ask and to put my nerves at ease. I wish I had found this tool earlier during my time as a student at GW. I am happy to say that now I go into interviews confident and ready, and that has helped me land follow-up interviews and job offers! It has honestly completely changed my job hunt and I encourage you to try it for yourself!

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