A Snowball’s Chance

T Snowball Headshot

By Timothy R. Snowball
Juris Doctor Candidate 2017
George Washington University Law School

My name is Timothy Snowball. I am a current third year law student at the George Washington University Law School. When I first decided that I wanted to be a lawyer, there were plenty of naysayers. “The job market is terrible,” “It costs too much,” “It is a waste of time…” While I was undeterred in my goals, it would be disingenuous to say that there haven’t been difficult times.

One of those times was when I was trying to figure out how I was going to support myself this summer while working as an unpaid law clerk. When I first learned about possible funding through GW’s Knowledge in Action Internship Fund (KACIF), I felt grateful to the university for including law students among those eligible to apply. While the general public often thinks of law students and lawyers as relatively well off, in reality an unpaid internship can be worth its weight in gold in the value of the experience.

KACIF helped me to pursue not only my short term summer requirements, but my long term career goals as well. In my current role at the Institute for Justice, a non-profit law firm in Arlington, Virginia that helps pro bono clients defend their constitutional rights, I have been able to gain the type of substantive legal experience I might not otherwise been able to receive. It is possible that without receiving funding through KACIF I might not have been able to accept my current position.

I am the grateful recipient of a 2016 GW Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund grant. It is not always easy being a professional student in the modern age. Classes and other obligations fill most of your available time, and additional funding to support yourself is often non-existent. I encourage all GW students – undergraduate, graduate and professional – to apply for funding for their unpaid internships through KACIF.


Do you have an unpaid Fall internship? Apply for funding through KACIF!
KACIF provides grants ranging up to $3,000 to current GW students pursuing unpaid internships in their field. The GW Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund application period for Fall 2016 begins on Friday, July 1.All applications must be submitted by Friday, July 15. For more information on eligibility requirements, click here.  Follow KACIF on Twitter! #GWKACIF


Have your own #GWCareerSuccess story? Contact gwcareerblog@gmail.com to find out how you can be featured on our blog!

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