A Truly Glamorous Internship


By Moshe Pasternak ∣ BA in Political Science ∣ May 2017 (expected)

Many students attend GW for the fantastic internship opportunities. Internships on Capitol Hill,  Fortune 500 companies, the National Institutes of Health and other first-class organizations that call Washington D.C. home are as much a part of the Colonial experience as Thurston, late night walks to the monuments and going to Gallery. With the big names dotting resumes of students there is a pressure to have an internship that fits these lofty expectations. Part of the learning process of an internship is understanding how to dress for success. An internship that requires business attire appears more glamorous, however, I have recently discovered the allure of a job which regularly allows me to wear clothes more likely to be seen at the gym.

Leaving the friendly confines of Foggy Bottom was not an easy decision. Heading out to Green Bay, Wisconsin, I didn’t know what to expect. A completely new place, new responsibilities, and new people. I knew that working on a campaign was an important cause but I didn’t realize how rewarding it would be each and every day. One of my most exciting responsibilities was recruiting volunteers  Getting a chance to understand why people vote the way they do and why they are involved in politics strikes at the heart of democracy. That personal connection is more important than which Metro stop I get off at or the dress code of the office. I may wear sweatpants and the T-Shirt of a local candidate to work but I am so happy to have the chance to learn from the small scale.

The T-Shirt I chose to include is not random. Wisconsin State Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) embodies what I believe a politician should be. His concern for each individual has helped him rise from garbageman to state Senator. That focus is where the glamour of political science lies and explains why I have such a big smile on my face.

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